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My name is George Peake, I am Chilean and my story starts from thinking about this idea:

‘Living satisfied with yourself must be very boring, that’s why there’s nothing better than getting involved in adventures’
(Juan Benet)

It was thinking around those ideas – as if I wanted to tempt life itself and venture into something new -, that I got on a plane and landed on this remote and beautiful island; Majorca.

I threw my coin and fell on the side of the good luck. I am an audiovisual communicator, editor and director and as soon as I arrived I was able to start working in an audiovisual production company. From there, which happened more than 6 years ago, one project has followed the other, I have become more complet as a film maker, and I have made a hole in the hearts of some Mallorcan people. And what can I say! I am so happy for now that I’m staying here.

Some time ago I noticed how the cycle was repeating itself, and again the idea of ​​taking a risk and starting a new stage was again occupying my mind. Soon I found it.

MovingPeakes was born as a tool for professional development and for the passion I give to this field and its challenges. This time I did not get on a plane, but I am excited anyways to start this project. The play of words comes through the similarity of my surname to the ‘picts’ or frames, which placed one after another come to life in the delicious dance that is a movie.